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Clearly, this is an obsession with the glamorously classy, hipster trashy, and whatever touches my heart.
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Holy hell. I am sorry I haven’t been on here in a year. I wrote something a little too honest on here and ended up losing someone I loved, too little too late. It ain’t no thing. It’s been a year. I’m at peace/piece with my loss. And my consequent gain. Which has led me here. I think people still do this, IDk. Wish me luck! I love you all like the aunt you wish u had or stalker you’re glad you don’t. May whatever forces that be be with you. Iiiiiiii


Versace F/W 1990Photographer : Herb RittsModel : Christy Turlington
what is your name, love? who are you?
I also loveeee Devendra Banhart <3

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